Relying On Benjamins

11. When You're In Clydesdale

November 01, 2020 Brandon Shapiro & Matt Miller
Relying On Benjamins
11. When You're In Clydesdale
Show Notes

Episode 11 of the scripted musical comedy podcast Relying On Benjamins. Contact for questions about the show.

Created by Brandon Shapiro & Matt Miller
Written by Brandon Shapiro & Matt Miller
Music and Lyrics by Brandon Shapiro
Edited, Mixed, and Sound Engineered by Brandon Shapiro
Executive Produced by Brandon Shapiro

Benjamin Feyler - Brandon Shapiro
Benjamin Ozwald - Matt Miller
The Narrator - Brandon Shapiro
The Homeless Man - Matt Miller
Frederick VonWinkle - Brandon Shapiro
Janine Kufo - Libby Anderson
Harvey Blurque - Hartley Erickson
Carl Salad - Brandon Shapiro
Roxford Locksley - Brandon Shapiro
Simon Shlitie, aka Minion #4 - Brandon Shapiro
Wilber Gurp - Hartley Erickson
Bilber Gurp - Matt Miller
Random Clydesdale Citizens - Erik Goehringer, Carrie Gibson, Jack Douglas, Patricia M. Smith, Jeremy Roth, Aubrey Clyburn, Jarrad Biron Green, Allegra Rodriguez Shivers, Roy Clark, John Brownfiel
Clydesdale Construction Worker - Jack Douglas
Clydesdale Marijuana Dispensary Person - Jeremy Roth
Dog World Employee - Laurel Collins
Additional Voices - John Brownfiel