Relying On Benjamins

11. When You're In Clydesdale

November 01, 2020 Brandon Shapiro & Matt Miller
Relying On Benjamins
11. When You're In Clydesdale
Show Notes

Episode 11 of the scripted musical comedy podcast Relying On Benjamins. Contact [email protected] for questions about the show.

Created by Brandon Shapiro & Matt Miller
Written by Brandon Shapiro & Matt Miller
Music and Lyrics by Brandon Shapiro
Edited, Mixed, and Sound Engineered by Brandon Shapiro
Executive Produced by Brandon Shapiro

Benjamin Feyler - Brandon Shapiro
Benjamin Ozwald - Matt Miller
The Narrator - Brandon Shapiro
The Homeless Man - Matt Miller
Frederick VonWinkle - Brandon Shapiro
Janine Kufo - Libby Anderson
Harvey Blurque - Hartley Erickson
Carl Salad - Brandon Shapiro
Roxford Locksley - Brandon Shapiro
Simon Shlitie, aka Minion #4 - Brandon Shapiro
Wilber Gurp - Hartley Erickson
Bilber Gurp - Matt Miller
Random Clydesdale Citizens - Erik Goehringer, Carrie Gibson, Jack Douglas, Patricia M. Smith, Jeremy Roth, Aubrey Clyburn, Jarrad Biron Green, Allegra Rodriguez Shivers, Roy Clark, John Brownfiel
Clydesdale Construction Worker - Jack Douglas
Clydesdale Marijuana Dispensary Person - Jeremy Roth
Dog World Employee - Laurel Collins
Additional Voices - John Brownfiel