Relying On Benjamins

22. Two Sides to Every Benjamin

October 01, 2021
Relying On Benjamins
22. Two Sides to Every Benjamin
Show Notes

Episode 22 of the scripted musical comedy podcast Relying On Benjamins. Contact [email protected] for questions about the show.

Created by Brandon Shapiro & Matt Miller
Written by Brandon Shapiro
Music and Lyrics by Brandon Shapiro
Edited, Mixed, and Sound Engineered by Brandon Shapiro
Executive Produced by Brandon Shapiro

Benjamin Feyler - Brandon Shapiro
Benjamin Ozwald - Matt Miller
The Narrator - Brandon Shapiro
The Man With Many Names, aka The Homeless Man, aka The Mysterious Stranger, aka The Something Else Man, aka The Unknown Nuisance, aka The Unnamed Nuisance, aka Man-Who-Smells-Like-Shit, aka Man-Who-Won't-Say-His-Name, aka The Man Who Has No Home  - Matt Miller
Janine Kufo - Libby Anderson
Frederick VonWinkle - Brandon Shapiro
Carl Salad - Brandon Shapiro
Roxford Locksley - Brandon Shapiro
Amber Santina - Raya Malcolm
Escobar - Niels Hansen
Joe Jahogavich - Spencer Streno
The Great Translator App Voice - Allegra Shivers-Rodriguez
Random Clydesdale Citizen - Brandon Hunt
Additional Voices - Brandon Shapiro